Advised me properly

When it comes to taxes, I usually just do TurboTax or H&R Block because I don’t have any extra tax breaks, no kids/ dependents, not married, no mortgage, no medical bills… so nothing special to claim besides my W2s and student loan payments. Well, my refund was $76, so I thought I could try to let my dear friend Jonathan help me out this year. He was knowledgeable about my situation and advised me properly, as well as got me over $300+ back! I know I’m not balling like the rest of y’all, but that’s more than my original $76.


Great services

Thank you for all of the great services you’ve provided for me over the years.

Letitia Hines-Cunningham

Peace of mind

I have known Andre Sugars for about twenty years now we worked together at Whole Foods , Andre has always been a kind caring professional . Andre has always looked out for people it seems natural that Andre in his Tax Service that he always looks out for the best interest of his clients. In all the years that Andre has done my family’s Tax’s I always have peace of mind that it is always done right (looking out for me).

George Khoury